Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

Changing your life and creating a journey to a better and more sustainable lifestyle is a bit daunting at first. If you are like me and started thinking 'I should suddenly throw out everything that is plastic in my home'...STOP RIGHT THERE! I know it's so overwhelming when you look at what is around you but you need to remember that by throwing out products that are plastic, you are just going against the idea that you started with in the first place, less plastic waste. 

So if you have household items that are made from plastic, use them until they need to be tossed out. (This is where I add in my disclaimer and say that I didn't end up throwing out everything in sight that was plastic. In fact I broke it up into rooms. Started with my bathroom and then on the the kitchen etc. This made it a lot more palatable for me!)


So here a few simple ways to reduce the plastic waste in your home

 Shampoo bottles 

Trying giving up shampoo bottles and wash your hair with a shampoo bar! These are actually amazing! If you don't already use them, this is something you need to try - they soap up just like any shampoo from a bottle. 

No more plastic razors

Disposable razors are something we go through so often and can easily avoid this with a safety razor. Safety razors will usually last you over 5 years and all you will need to do is change the blade every now and then. When you buy these razors, they usually come with a few blades to last you a while. Not only are you getting rid of the plastic, but you are also saving some cash over the years! #costeffective

Bottled Water

Bottled water is one we all think of when we look at the plastic we use but many of us still seem to just run into the shops and grab a bottle of water! Not only does the water come in a plastic bottle but it also uses a lot of resources to get this bottle to the store (carbon footprint). Your best bet would be to get yourself a reusable glass water bottle and carry this around with you so that you can just refill on the go. Most of the time, bottled water is just filtered tap water anyway!

Local Markets 

Hop down to your local Farmer's market to buy their fresh produce. The veggies and fruit don't come wrapped in plastic and you can use your reusable shopping bags to fill them up. Just remember to wash the veggies when you get home! You can even ensure you keep them squeaky clean with a bamboo veggie brush.

If you live in Melbourne, like me, then you should go down to Prahran Markets. They sell pre-packed boxes of veggies that turns out to be much more cost effective than buying from the super market, plus we get to eat a variety of fruit and veggies in that week!

Wash dishes plastic free

Try using soap bars to wash dishes. These soap bars can be shaved and put directly into the water or you could scrub the soap with a scourer or a coconut dish brush straight onto the dishes. 

 Ditch the plastic cling film

Try ditching the cling film and start using beeswax wraps instead. These wraps are pieces of fabric coated in beeswax. We also have a DIY kit to make your own. This is fun to do with the kids at home on the weekends!

Looking forward to seeing these small changes you make in your lifestyle to reduce plastic use, so please tag us in your pics - we would love to see them!

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