About Upwards & Co.


Fashion today is all about the latest styles and trends which is causing us to buy, buy, buy at a really cheap cost to our bank accounts, but not to our environment and communities. 

Upwards & Co. is creating a brand that shows you can be eco conscious AND stylish at the same time. Its the lifestyle you always wanted but couldn't quite make it work.... until now. We are creating wardrobe staples and timeless pieces to ensure you are buying quality and style. 

Sustainable, but Stylish.



Style: We are here to show you that you can have your cake and eat it too. Having style and eco conscious pieces that last. 

Eco Conscious: With every product we bring on board or launch, we ensure it holds true eco conscious and/or sustainable characteristics. 

Unique: We want these pieces to make you feel uniquely YOU.


We hope you love these products and styles as much as we do!


OH, and one more thing...                                      

You're planting trees with us, literally. Yep - that's right, YOU!  
We are very proud to announce
that we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted. Their mission is to reforest the planet, one tree at a time! For every purchase made on this site, a tree is planted in Australia.