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Safety Razor - Matte Black

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Nära Shave | The last razor you will ever need.

This gorgeous single blade safety razor is made from solid brass and will last you for years to come. Using just a single blade, it cuts the hair close to your skin without the need for excessive blades. Get ready for a close shave with no skin irritation!

Nära razor is:

  • A smooth shave with no irritation
  • A conscious choice for sustainable shaving
  • More cost-effective than a cartridge razor

Try this with our range of quality skin-loving shave oils, which not only give you a super smooth shave but also moisturise your skin! The Nära razor also comes with 5 razor blades to start you on your sustainable shaving journey!

How to use me:

  • Apply generous amounts of Nära shaving oil
  • Hold the razor at a 30 degree angle and gently glide the razor over your skin
  • Use short strokes to slowly work your way over your skin
  • Take extra care around the skin covering your joints (ankles, elbows etc.)  
  • Regularly clear the razor head of hair by rinsing under running water and wiping dry on a towel
  • Apply more oil as needed

Replacing the razor blade:

  • Hold the razor guard in one hand and twist the handle until it detaches
  • Remove the cap from the guard and carefully place a blade on the flat surface, making sure to line up the holes
  • Replace the cap by passing the screw through the center hole
  • Firmly screw the handle back on

Warning! Razor blades are sharp! Keep out of reach of children and always discard of used blades safely. We suggest storing used razor blades in the Nära Blade Bank and recycle when full.